About us

Strle d.o.o. is a family business with a long tradition, going back several decades. The history of our company began in our domestic workshop and continues today in the industrial zone in Podskrajnik, in the immediate vicinity of Cerknica.
The ultimate guiding principle of Strle d.o.o. is continuous development of existing products on the one hand and invention of new products on the other, all this with a view to enhancing the satisfaction of our valued customers.
We are a company whose ambition is to change the world with its work. And utopian as it may sound, we do just that every day. It is what our customers keep testifying, with our products making their stay in their homes pleasanter thanks to the sound advice we give them and the proper blinds and insect screens we make for them.

Our own development and production of external and internal blinds and insect screens has allowed us to cut the cost of our products, which are now available at reasonable and affordable prices. The most important aspect, however, is that we have an insight into the production of every single product of ours, thereby guaranteeing its premium quality. Our customers get their Strle products first hand and from the right one!

Strle d.o.o.Strle d.o.o.

The company’s values and objective

Strle d.o.o. is a company that, with its work, prospers both on the domestic, i.e. Slovene market and on the European market. Our products are exported to neighbouring countries, notably Italy, Austria and Croatia, but also, through our partners, to Germany, Switzerland and Russia.
At Strle d.o.o., we are aware that success rests on honest work and respect towards customers, which puts these two values at the heart of our everyday work.
Pursuing an individual approach to our customers, we take enough time for counselling as well as for production and installation of blinds or insect screens. Our products are unique and of an extremely high quality.
At Strle d.o.o., we have many outworkers all around Slovenia, installing our internal and external blinds and insect screens for us. Every business partner wishing to cooperate with us comes to us first of all to receive a special training. This training is aimed at acquainting our business partners, installers and sales agents with our products’ characteristics, with novelties we are launching on the market, and with handling Strle blinds and insect screens as well as at giving them knowledge on how to properly install our products on different buildings. All this with a view to making sure our customers get a premium integral service: proper counselling, a high-quality product, and professional installation.
And finally, at Strle d.o.o., we are aware that success of every company rests on the commitment of people working there, so the welfare of our employees is our primary concern. In our company, spontaneity and cheerfulness predominate at work. And between us, we are guided by the slogan:
Our quality, your satisfaction!

Strle d.o.o.Strle d.o.o.

Information about the company

Strle d.o.o.


Industrijska cona Podskrajnik
Podskrajnik 70
1380 Cerknica

Tel.: +386 (0)1 709 66 46
Fax: +386 (0)1 709 66 47
E-mail: info@strle.net

Tax ID number: SI80418520
Taxpayer: YES
Registration number: 50996077
Bank account number: 0202 9025 6509 133

Director: Matej Strle 

Work hours:
Monday to Friday
from 7:00 to 15:00