Counselling and measurement

When putting up their home or commercial building, everyone is aware that, in most cases, they do not possess the necessary knowledge to plan the construction themselves and find help with an architect. Similarly when selecting blinds and insect screens.

At Strle d.o.o., we first tune into the wishes of our valued customers. Sometimes we are faced with a situation where wishes and reality on a given building are mutually exclusive. However, our company’s objective and goal is to fulfil your wishes with real, aesthetic and functional solutions. To that end, our counsellors both in the company and in the field make sufficient time for each individual customer and devote themselves entirely to them.

When our customer selects a type of blind or insect screen, they get visited by our counsellor to accurately measure their windows or doors. Then the selected product is carefully manufactured on our premises, after which we call you to fix a date and time of installation.