The whole world is powered by solar energy. In sunny weather, on a clear and beautiful day, our spirits soar. Everything is clearer and brighter. Yet, if there is too much sun, if it is too hot and blazing, our joy tends to end quickly. And this is where STRLE d.o.o. comes in, with its wide selection of blinds and insect screens. Our company is known for properly shading your home, just as much as you wish, be it its interior or exterior.

At Strle d.o.o., we also have awnings on offer, which are installed in the exterior corners of your home. Awnings can be used to shade terraces, balconies and holiday home terraces, they can be installed in restaurants or commercial premises, in exhibition grounds, etc. Strle awnings are an an aesthetic external blind protecting from the heat and light of the sun at the height of summer.

In the pleasant shade of Strle awnings, you can calmly enjoy your free time in the company of your nearest and dearest, respire or work effectively, with the scorching heat and sun not hindering you any more in any way.

Strle awnings are mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall and can be operated either manually or using an electric motor. You can also have special sensors and automatic built into an awning, which control it together depending on weather conditions.

At Strle d.o.o., we strive to accommodate our valued customers by installing a suitable and effective blind that satisfies their user and aesthetic requirements, is reasonably priced and thus accessible to everyone.

Strle awnings––the best blind in your favourite spot