External Venetian blinds

An external Venetian blind is a blind that allows you to adjust the slat angle and the height of the blind, i.e. the extent to which a window or door opening is covered. It is thus a blind suitable for customers who prefer their home to be bright but not too hot.

Strle external Venetian blinds can be installed in newly constructed buildings as well as in existing ones. Depending on the type of building, you can choose between external Venetian blinds with a visible box and external Venetian blinds with a concealed box.

At Strle d.o.o., those customers that opt for an external Venetian blind can choose from a wide selection of slat types and colours. They can choose standard colours, or else the tone of the blind (slats and profiles) can be adapted to the colour of the window or the house façade according to your choice from the RAL colour code chart. Aluminium profiles and slats are powder-coated and hence resistant to meteorological factors and extremely durable.

With Strle d.o.o. offering our customers truly integrated solutions, we recommend them to allow for the installation of insect screens when having external blinds installed. A blind in combination with an insect screen affords our customers true comfort and thus a life of quality. And that is also our company’s objective and mission: provide our customers with products allowing them to live a better and quality life!