Window shutters

Appropriate decoration of their home and its surroundings has always been a crucial factor for people and their well-being. Thus, at Strle d.o.o., we offer a wide selection of blinds and insect screens, fully aware that every person has their own taste and therefore a desire to arrange their home as they wish.

Decoration of every home is above all a personal thing, but of course it also needs to be in line with environmental regulations determined by urban architecture. As a result, in different corners of the world, you can find different types of buildings and different types of interior decoration. In the Primorska region, for instance, window shutters are the predominant type of window dressing.

In the past, the usual window decoration were wooden shutters, which today are being replaced by aluminium ones. Aluminium shutters require much less maintenance, with aluminium itself and high-quality powder coating making them weatherproof and therefore lasting.

For even more comfort, you can have insect screens built into aluminium shutters, thereby avoiding not only buzzing and biting of sometimes very dangerous insects, but also various unhealthy chemicals and, last but not least, an excessive use of air-conditioning. When installing a window shutter in their home, people find that their initial investment pays off very quickly, in terms of both health and finance.